T-Shirt Design: In the Shadow of the Lord

T-shirt based on Psalm 91.1 – Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.”

Healing for Luise’s Shoulder

At first she could not raise her hand more than a few inches from her body. After a few minutes of prayer she could raise her arm straight out from her body. Finally, after several more minutes of prayer, she could raise her arm above her head.

Approaching God in Prayer

I had no hope, but I started to pray and when I did I started to focus on some facts.

The Apostle John says that through Jesus we become children of God (John 1:12).
Jesus also said that if a child asks his father for fish that his father would not give him a snake instead, and how much more would God give to His children (Luke 11:11-13).
If we shamelessly persist, God will answer (Luke 11:8).
We need to approach God boldly. No different than a child to his father (Hebrews 4:16).

Trading Your Birthright

Esau gave up his inheritance for a bowl of soup, but Jesus wants us to give up our inheritance that this world has to offer for eternal life in the Kingdom.

So, Why Isn’t the Trinity Polytheistic?

God is the infinite being from whom Jesus and the Holy Spirit come from – Jesus is God in the flesh, fully human and fully God, and the Holy Spirit is the advocate, teacher and guide that is omnipresent. Although both Jesus and the Holy Spirit point people to the Father, because they are from the Father praying and honoring them is no different than praying to the Father.

The Highest Priority in Marriage

About a month ago I was asked to perform a marriage rededication, and it got me thinking about the wedding vows and the preparatory meetings with the pastor. With the divorce rate what it is, including my own, I started to consider the process and the possible solutions to ensure couples would clearly understand the promise they say they want to make and the permanency of their decision to marry.

God Will Have the Last Laugh

As we stood there watching the band set up one of the band members approached us. He had a mullet and a jean jacket with the arms cut off. He asked us if we were interested in listening to the music, and he handed me a business card with the band’s information. I asked what kind of music they played, and he said, “Christian music”.

Being the jerk that I was, I held out my hand and Jeff gave me a lighter. I proceeded to burn the card, and then arrogantly flicked it at the man’s feet. I then turned and walked away.

The Truth About Who We Are

We need to take the emphasis from defining ourselves based on worldly guidelines, and put it on how we were originally created. We must meditate upon who we truly are, and what our true origin is.

Don Carlson, a True Evangelist, a Man of God, and My Friend and Teacher

Don Carlson, my friend and mentor, passed away yesterday. He was in his mid 90’s.

This man, in the few years I have known him, transformed my life by helping me break down the barriers that kept me from reaching lost souls for Christ. What I learned is that we have to get uncomfortable,

A Delayed Message – 2000 Years Ago From the Cross

“I know all of the sins you committed and the sins you are going to commit tomorrow and into the future. But, all your sins are upon my shoulders and I am taking them with me to the grave and leave them there to be buried forever. As I rose up from the grave clean and pure, so are you clean and pure.”
Jesus on the Cross

Water in the Desert

You are walking through the desert and you are dying of thirst and wondering if you can take another step. The sky is blanketed by the sun making it blend together with the sand. You see something shimmering in the distance. You walk towards it, and find a glass of ice cold water just sitting there in the sand. You fall to your knees giddy with joy, and you pick up the glass and start licking the condensation on the outside.
Water in the Desert - Finding the glass