Approaching God in Prayer

A few weeks ago, my wife woke up in the middle of the night in severe pain. It may sound silly, but Brenda has sensitive teeth, and that night they were throbbing so much that she was in tears. It was a pain we could not relieve. It wasn’t like a burn we could soothe with ice. She said it was worse than giving birth.

She tried ibuprofen, putting Sensodyne toothpaste on her teeth, and tons of oral numbing meds, but nothing worked. I figured we had to go to the ER to get her proper medications.

But she didn’t want to go, and to be honest, neither did I. It was 1 am.

So, Brenda said, “just pray.”

I did. I prayed for about 10 seconds, maybe 20, but nothing. Then I said, “Come on, we need to go to the hospital.”

To which she replied, “Well, it would work if you just believed!”

I couldn’t believe she just said that. Now what was I supposed to do? Being a person who likes to get right to the point, I never really prayed like prayer warriors when the entire Bible seems to flow right out of their mouths. It is more like, here is my request, and God’s answer is either a yes or a no.

Boy, was I on the spot. It was either sink or swim. Did I believe in healing prayer? Yes. Did I believe that I could pray, and the pain would go away? No.

I have prayed for small things, like my knees. Many times while walking, they would go out on me. I would pray, and the problem was gone. I never missed a step. Come to think of it,

I haven’t had to pray for my knees in years. Thank you, Jesus!
But, for some reason this was different. I had no hope, but prayed again, focusing on some facts.

  1. The Apostle John says that through Jesus we become children of God (John 1:12).
  2. Jesus also said that if a child asks his father for fish, his father would not give him a snake instead. Rather, God would give his children much more than a human parent would. (Luke 11:11-13).
  3. If we shamelessly persist, God will answer (Luke 11:8).
  4. We need to approach God boldly (Hebrews 4:16), like a child with a father.

With those facts, I prayed, knowing that if I am His son, and I ask for healing, then I should get healing, and not on God’s time, which for us can be a while, but on our time. The more I prayed, the more I understood, and the more it made sense that I could ask for this healing and it would be done.

We prayed for a while. For me it seemed like forever – had to be at least a minute! I found myself challenging God on His Word and His promises, like a child who is asking for keys to the car. At first the father may say “no,” but we remain persistent and contend for the keys. And that is what I ended-up doing. Our God is a God who backs up what He said He will do in the Bible. We can stand on God’s Word with confidence, because He is a good God. And that night I did.

If God can part the sea, send ten plagues into Egypt, and create the universe, then He can numb my wife’s mouth. We really weren’t asking for much.

Within about three minutes, (it seemed like so much more), Brenda was no longer crying. And a minute or two later, she was sound asleep. This happened again about a week or so after that incident, and we prayed the same prayer, and again she was healed!

I have another amazing incident, well amazing for me, using the same prayer concept, but I am going to write about that in another blog post.

God said to come to Him boldly. God said we are His children. So, should we not honor Him by doing these things? What does it say about a parent when a child is too scared to ask? That the parent is abusive, unkind, and a monster? But when our parent is good and loving, then shouldn’t we, without hesitation, joyfully approach Him with our problems? Doesn’t our boldness convey to God that we see ourselves as His children, and that we are a part of Him? Not to take Him for granted, but to know He is always there and we always have direct access to Him. He is there for us like a parent. While we play on the floor, He sits on the edge of the couch watching us with great joy and the adoration of a parent.

We should always approach Him without fear and trembling, but with great expectations, because we have a great and mighty Father in God. He loves us, and we can count on Him.


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