Shark Steam Mop Vs. Bissell Crosswave

Scrubbing the floor down on your knees and hands is not an enjoyable experience. It also requires a lot of time and energy, leaving you utterly exhausted by the time you are done. However, you don’t have to worry anymore. We now have amazing useful technologies that have been developed, and it has made the process of cleaning the floor considerably more comfortable and more pleasant. Steam mops ensure that you can now take lesser time and have made it a more exciting process. Steam mops have gained tremendous popularity as they have become cheaper and more efficient. Today, instead of using a mop and bucket, people can use a steam mop. Shark and Bissell are the two most famous brand names in the floor cleaning industry. Here is an exclusive look at Shark Steam Mop vs. Bissell Crosswave.

Cleaning Performance

Bissell Crosswave

Bissell Crosswave has been designed with a multi-surface brush roll and a massive excellent suction power. It comes with a great cleaning solution that is effective in-floor cleaning. The unique part about Bissell Crosswave is that it can be used to clean vacuum debris on the floor hard surfaces as well as rugs. You can select the carpet or floor mode and use a varying amount of liquid depending on the area. You can press a handle button to release more liquids in places that are tougher to clean. However, you may sometime have to go over particular areas more than one time as the suction might not be as powerful as you would expect. You might also find it a little hard to entirely cover the corners.

Shark Steam Mop

As compared to Bissell Crosswave, Shark Steam Mop is an efficient floor cleaner and is very easy to use. The steam mop has different levels of steam in which you can select the steam level. Shark steam mop has two washable pads, and it quickly picks up all the dirt from your floor surface. Though it might require extra exertion to clean the corners thoroughly, shark steam mop can handle plenty of everything that you through to it.

How They Clean

Bissell Crosswave

Although both Bissell Crosswave and Shark Steam Mop can vacuum, they do it plenty differently. Bissel Crosswave has a cleaning head that seems more like a traditional vacuum head. The cleaning head has a motorized brush roll that enables the unit to mop your floors with cleaning solution and water. Turning the Crosswave on makes the brush roll to start spinning and generates the suction power of that unit. As you squeeze the trigger on the handle, the cleaning solution is added to the brush roll. This creates a brush that has a great ability to clean all dirt from the floor.

Shark Steam Mop

The Shark Steam Mop has a straightforward way of functioning. To begin the cleanup, you need to put distilled water into the water tank and plug in the power cord. Leave it for about thirty seconds to give it time to heat up, and you are ready to go. Press the trigger for about five to ten times to release steam, and the mop will continually release steam while you push it around.


Bissell Crosswave

The accessories that you require for you to continue using this mop are easily accessible. You will need to get another cleaning formula when it runs out to ensure that the Bissell Crosswave is functional. For optimal performance, it is recommended that you use the official formula from the Bissell company. You will also require to replace the filter and brush depending on the frequency of your mop usage.

Shark Steam Mop

Similar to the Bissell Crosswave, the Shark Steam Mop requires regular maintenance. For the best performance of the steam mop, you will need to ensure that you replace the cleaning pads. Though the cleaning pads are easy to wash, you should replace them after a prolonged usage time.


Bissell Crosswave

The Bissell Crosswave is electrically powered. The fact that it does not come with a battery, you will require to keep it plugged into a wall outlet during the cleaning. Depending on the cleaning area, it might be challenging to move around cleaning everywhere. An extension cord gives you an allowance to clean anywhere without issues. Also, the Crosswave is relatively portable, making it easy to move around with no much struggle. Bissell Crosswave has no curved cleaning pad making it quite tricky to clean under corners or tables.

Shark Steam Mop

Shark Steam Mop is relatively portable similar to the Bissell Crosswave. Its portability makes it easy to move around as you clean. More so, its powerful steam action and ability to use several settings make it a little more efficient and effective to clean the tables and corners.

Floor Head

Bissell Crosswave

The scrub brush is one of the fascinating features of this mop. These scrub brushes are built into the floor head to assist you in removing stubborn dirt particles. The floor head also features a viewing window for you to see that all dirt is removed in any area. The Bissell Crosswave has a more motorized brush roll and looks more to a vacuum.

Shark Steam Mop

The floor head of this mop is rectangular. This makes it very easy to clean up the dirt that has to build up on the edges of the walls and corners. You won’t need to scrub with hands anymore. The mop comes with two microfiber pads that are well fitted to avoid slipping off during a cleanup.


Shark Steam Mop and Bissell Crosswave are both fantastic floor cleaners capable of keeping your floors shining and free from debris. However, if you had to choose one for floor cleaning, it would be Bissell Crosswave. This is mainly because of its adaptability in different services suitable for both wet and dry cleaner. You won’t need to have a separate floor cleaner and vacuum cleaner to clean your hard floors as Bissell Crosswave can do both. However, Shark Steam Mop at the highest setting is capable of cleaning every corner and nook with ease. Considering the excellent design of these two steam mops, you cannot go wrong with Shark Steam Mop or the Bissell Crosswave.

12 Best Gifts for Car Lovers In 2019

Majority of car lovers are particular about what they use in and on their cars. This makes it daunting for you to shop a gift for them, especially if you are not a car enthusiast yourself. But you don’t have to worry anymore, we are much into cars, and we can assist you in getting the best gift for car lovers in no time. These gifts range from practical and cheap to exciting and luxurious. Since it is difficult to know the exact model and year of the car or whether they will change the car soon, we advise that you avoid technical gifts such as hubcaps and car spoilers and instead go for items that can call out their car-loving spirit or can be used on any vehicle. Here is an exclusive look at the 12 best gifts for car lovers in 2019.

  1.     WizGear Universal Air Vent Mounts

WizGear Universal Air Vent Mounts

WizGear Universal Air Vent Mounts are definitely great and cool looking on any car thanks to their elegant design. More so, these WizGear keeps the driver’s smartphone glued to one place securely. This car holder has a great magnetic head and a sturdy base making it easy and convenient to use. The holder will not bulge, enabling you to swivel the phone display and rotate the phone or mini tablet in any way you want.

  1.     Anker Roav Dash Cam

Dash cams have been famous in Russia for many years. Today, these cams are becoming the go-to car gadget. Anker Roav Dash Cam has emerged as one of the best market models. It features high-quality wide lens and 1080 Full-HD video for you to capture crystal clear image on both day and night. The best thing about this cam is that it has a sensor detection and built-in Wi-Fi___33 that keep an eye on the car when it is off and watch videos of any incidents that happen to the vehicle. Unless it were his fault, a dash cam would be a great way to show what happened in an accident event to the insurance companies which can save him from expensive legal fees.

  1.     MISHOW Tire Coffee Mug

Do you want to show you pal that you recognize his love for cars, but you don’t want to spend $350 for a Porsche LEGO kit? MISHOW Tire Coffee Mug is a tire set styled coffee that entirely does so without breaking your pockets. The exterior is designed with soft plastic that remains cool to the touch when filled with hot coffee, and the interior mug is made of stainless steel.

4.      Powered Subwoofer

A powered subwoofer is a perfect and practical gift for most car lovers, especially music enthusiasts. Powered subwoofers occupy lesser space but are efficient in producing clear and deep sound. A powered subwoofer will help them to improve their car audio system installing and deliver superior bass. They will offer more impact and rumble to give you more music. There are a variety of powered subwoofers in the market to make the car more entertaining and enjoyable whether he prefers dance music, hip hop, or rock music.

  1. Automatic: Real-Time Car Tracking Stats Adaptor

Automatic is an excellent addition to all car lovers. Automatic unit is a real-time car tracking stats adaptor that helps you to know the location of your car at all times and notifies you when your vehicle’s diagnostic bells go off. This is through GPS, logging, and trip tracking. With the help of this gadget, your friend will be warned in advance before the check engine light goes off.

6.      Men’s Gear Shifter Cufflink

Men’s Gear Shifter Cufflinks are great for the car lover friend who more often finds himself wearing cuffs on the random wedding invitation weekend. These metal cufflinks class up any suit without looking cheesy or gaudy.

7.      ARTORI Silicone Car Floor Mat Drink Coasters

Silicone Car Floor Mat Drink Coasters are a perfect stocking stuffer for your car lover friend and who wants to keep his home drink ring free. As they enjoy a whiskey or coffee, the rubber coaster will show their auto adoration.

8.      Richer Poorer Car Socks

These Richer Poorer car socks are designed excellently to be a little playful, and a good sophistication hint was thrown in for an impressive measure. These classic socks feature a car embroidery along the stretchy, soft, and white cotton to keep his feet comfortable and cozy, whether at the office or gym.

9.      Meguiar’s G55012 Classic Wash & Wax Kit

No car lover out there that likes to see his car dusty, dirty and water spotted. For this reason, all car lovers will appreciate a Meguiar’s G55012 Classic Wash & Wax Kit gift.  This is an important eight-piece collection featuring everything from rim cleaner, quick detailer, and auto shampoo. To make the gift more special, clean their vehicle with this new kit.

10.  Leather Driving Gloves

Leather Driving Gloves

If your friend owns a sport’s car, he should then not be driving his fabulous piece of craftsmanship in ratty old sweatshirt or sweatpants. His style should be upgraded to match the style of his ride. A classic and timeless gift such as leather driving gloves will be a great addition to his wardrobe. These gloves have smart knuckle cutouts for the most exquisite feel.

11.  An Alexa-Enabled Car Charger

Majority of people enjoy using Alexa charger in their homes. Now, Alexa-enabled car charger is available and can be a perfect gift for car lovers. It has a two USB high speed charging ports for him to charge his devices. He will just plug it simply in the 12-volt adapter and gain directions, voice-controlled access, and audiobooks.

12.  A Pair of Driving Loafers

For days when a car lover does not need full race gear, a lovely pair of driving loafers are perfect for cruising. The pair of driving loafers is super comfortable, with waterproof suede. Your friend will hit the clutch easily, and when it comes to parking and getting out, they will look stylish.