Healing for Luise’s Shoulder

At first she could not raise her hand more than a few inches from her body. After a few minutes of prayer she could raise her arm straight out from her body. Finally, after several more minutes of prayer, she could raise her arm above her head.

Approaching God in Prayer

I had no hope, but I started to pray and when I did I started to focus on some facts.

The Apostle John says that through Jesus we become children of God (John 1:12).
Jesus also said that if a child asks his father for fish that his father would not give him a snake instead, and how much more would God give to His children (Luke 11:11-13).
If we shamelessly persist, God will answer (Luke 11:8).
We need to approach God boldly. No different than a child to his father (Hebrews 4:16).

God Will Have the Last Laugh

As we stood there watching the band set up one of the band members approached us. He had a mullet and a jean jacket with the arms cut off. He asked us if we were interested in listening to the music, and he handed me a business card with the band’s information. I asked what kind of music they played, and he said, “Christian music”.

Being the jerk that I was, I held out my hand and Jeff gave me a lighter. I proceeded to burn the card, and then arrogantly flicked it at the man’s feet. I then turned and walked away.