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Tesimonials – Matthew25.org

Healing for My Knee

It snowed Friday night into Saturday morning, but the temperatures rose, and the snow was perfect for snowballs, snowmen and snow blocks for building snow forts. It was a beautiful Saturday morning, so my son and I went for a hike and to take pictures in the park.

We put on our snow boots,

Don Carlson, a True Evangelist, a Man of God, and My Friend and Teacher

Don Carlson, my friend and mentor, passed away yesterday. He was in his mid 90’s.

This man, in the few years I have known him, transformed my life by helping me break down the barriers that kept me from reaching lost souls for Christ. What I learned is that we have to get uncomfortable,

Testimony – Prayer for Great Weather Answered!!!

This morning the forecast was cloudy, and a threat of a thunderstorm. It is also the rain date for my son’s field trip to the zoo. So, this morning we took time to pray for a beautiful day, and that prayer has been answered. It is beautiful today and I just got word from my wife,

Testimony, Healing of Hannah

Last night my wife and our friends, we will call them Ricky and Hannah, went to dinner. It was a bit of a drive and what we didn’t know is that Hannah gets car sick, and she hadn’t eaten much that day. By the time we arrived she was sick and needed to sleep. We offered to take her home,

Healing for Brenda, March 23, 2013

Today my wife was helping set up coffee and snacks at our church for a seminar I was attending. While she was pouring scalding hot water into one of the coffee thermoses she spilled the a lot of water on her hand and arm. I was in the seminar so I did not know about it.