A Delayed Message – 2000 Years Ago From the Cross

“I know all of the sins you committed and the sins you are going to commit tomorrow and into the future. But, all your sins are upon my shoulders and I am taking them with me to the grave and leave them there to be buried forever. As I rose up from the grave clean and pure, so are you clean and pure.”
Jesus on the Cross

Water in the Desert

You are walking through the desert and you are dying of thirst and wondering if you can take another step. The sky is blanketed by the sun making it blend together with the sand. You see something shimmering in the distance. You walk towards it, and find a glass of ice cold water just sitting there in the sand. You fall to your knees giddy with joy, and you pick up the glass and start licking the condensation on the outside.
Water in the Desert - Finding the glass