Breaking Down Barriers

There is no getting around it; if you are too self-conscious to extend yourself and meet people for the sake of spreading the Good News, then you are going to have to deal with the anxiety, and these lessons will help you. You cannot let those feelings get in your way. You have to conquer them, or they will conquer you. What helps is to label these feelings as you experience them. Sometimes they come as thoughts that break you down rather than build you up, and sometimes they come as excuses that seem to be very sound – you may find yourself talking your way out of a situation that you were once passionate about. Label these feelings and thoughts as garbage or lies, and then ignore them. As they arise again, and they will, it will be easier to identify them and quickly disregard them. In time they will no longer consume you.

In breaking free from your comfort zone you have to be willing to make a decision, regardless of how you feel, or whether or not you make a spectacle of yourself, that you are going to do what the lesson says. As well, you have to find time to dedicate yourself to build up your foundation of boldness, which are the habits needed to transform ourselves from being self-conscious and timid to God-conscious and bold.

One thing that helped me get over these inhibiting thoughts and feelings is the time King David, with all abandonment, danced for God. He danced so wildly that he made a spectacle of himself before all of Jerusalem, and even made his wife disgusted with his behavior. (2 Samuel 6:14-23)

People do things all the time that you may consider humiliating. How about trying to promote a store by standing out front of it wearing a silly suit. Bottom line, if you are going to put yourself in a position that is vulnerable to ridicule, it is best to do it for God. This is a sacrifice, but it will be a sacrifice as sweet as Abel’s.

What I believe you will find is what I found, not every eye is on you. No one is really going to care about what you do, and the people you meet are not going to scream in your face, embarrass you, or put you down. Really, it is the other way around. Most people I meet are receptive to meeting other people, and usually have something they would like someone to pray about. It is really fun and exciting to meet new people – you never know what friends you are going to make.

The exercises are broken down to the most fundamental form of communication, eye contact, and steps up to introducing yourself and talking about Jesus. The only purpose for this section is to break down barriers that get in our way of meeting people. Gauge your comfort level and pick the lesson appropriate for you.