Lesson 3: Introduce Yourself

Mental Exercise

Another great way of breaking down our barriers is to introduce ourselves to someone we never met. We are worthy of being known, and people want to know us. Whether a person actually does is unimportant, because the important thing to know is that because of our creator and His sacrifice, we are worthy of being known.

What gives us this worth? Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. What is the value of that? It is priceless. We are priceless.

And by that will, we have been made holy through the sacrifice of the body of Jesus Christ once for all. Hebrews 10:10.

When you meet someone you are blessing them because you are priceless, and so are they. What I love is when I meet someone and I find out they are in just as much with Jesus as I am. What is priceless in this situation is that two children of God just met, and now the Kingdom of God is that much stronger. Collectively this has a huge impact on our world. When I think of it for some strange reason, which I am mildly embarrassed to admit, I think of the scene in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy when evil bad-guy ship is descending towards the planet, and all the good-guy spaceships lock together to form a net to hold the ship back. I believe we as Christians are just a little more stronger.

As well, when we meet other Christians we become more aware of just how vast God’s Kingdom is. It is important and rewarding to meet other people – the rewards are priceless!

Physical Exercise

Whether or not that you feel this worth we need to push forward in breaking down barriers, and in this lesson you need to introduce yourself to someone you do not know. Regardless of how you introduce yourself, you should be energetic, and joyous. No one wants to be evangelized to by a curmudgeon, and they definitely don’t want to be overwhelmed by some over-active cheerleader. Be yourself… your happy self – content and smiling.

To introduce yourself you may need to have a little bit of a conversation. I would say don’t just go up to someone and introduce yourself. However, since the lesson is based on just introducing yourself, I guess you could do that. Just realize, once you have the barrier broken down to stop doing this, and try to start a conversation with someone.

Imagine this scenario, you walk into a deli, you take a number, and stand in line. You admire someone outfit, tie, scarf, suite… whatever. So you stop and say, “Hey, you look great. I love that tie!” Or, “Wow! I love your purse.” You could find out there they got the tie or purse. The bottom line is you make a quick connection, and before you depart simply say, “Well, I’m [your name here].” You wait for their reply, “I am [name here].” Repeat his name, “John. OK, John, it was great meeting you. You look sharp. Have a Blessed day.”

What if it would just seem awkward to introduce yourself? Maybe the conversation didn’t lead an opportunity to introduce yourself. Don’t dwell upon it, just think about how nice it was to have this short chat, and with that feeling, simply stick your hand out to shake the persons hand, and say, “It was great talking with you. My name is [your name here].” Nine times out of ten they will give you their name.

Obviously, you can customize your greeting, and change it based on the conversation. You never know, you may end up discussing something personal, or something that is on that persons heart. This happens a lot. You wouldn’t think it but most people you walk past in the streets or are standing next to you in line at the deli really wish they could just dump their issues on someone. Be ready to be that person. This is a great way to introduce a person to Jesus who will lighten that persons burden.

They Will Benefit Meeting You

And that is it.  It is simple. You want to meet someone, and one of the best ways to do it is to make it a benefit to them. Complimenting them and boosting them up is a wonderful way to connect with someone. Being ready to for anything will allow you to take time to pray for someone who needs it. Another way, is to ask for help. Getting directions to a place. Once you get the directions, just stick your hand out to thank them, and introduce yourself.

The only other rule I have for myself is I do not let go of the hand until I get their name, or until I know they are not going to give it to me, which has never happened. I shake their hand, introduce myself, and just stare in the person eyes expecting a response. I will even lean in some to make sure I hear. Their name is important, and I want to make sure I make an effort to hear it. When they see you making an effort the person will feel more special then they already are. It may be uncomfortable, but so what.

Remember do not stress about this. Just try to find opportunities to do meet someone. Maybe go out with a partner to help make this easier. In time, you will have no issues meeting people. Try to do this three times your first week, adding one each week. In time, meeting people will become second nature to you.