God – Plain and Simple Logic

Only the living can give life to life. There is a living being who contains all that is necessary to create life, and may contain much more than what we will ever discover in this world. It is infinite in size, time, concepts, and matter, and cannot be quantified. It has no starting point, so it never began, and yet it will never end. It exists simply because something must exist, and it will always exist. It is self-sufficient, self-existent, and the single origin and source of all life. This living being is the infinite, who is God.

Only a living being can give birth to life. If you do not believe that then the alternative is spontaneous generation. Summarized, spontaneous generation states that an organism can be created spontaneously without a creator. In 1859, Louis Pasteur disproved this theory, and the science community has supported his findings ever since. It should be obvious that no one should place his or her faith in a debunked theory, yet so many people do. They call themselves atheists.

Is it ironic that the atheist in our science community and “intellectuals” in academia laugh at the notion that the universe is created by a deity, yet settle for unexplained phenomenon that they cannot prove, and in most cases sounds just as absurd to me as a Christian God sounds to them. No matter how they dress it up, their ideas are still only theories that overlay a single hidden truth – every premise they conceive of is based on an obsolete theory.

So, for the sake of the obvious, let’s cross spontaneous generation off the list of possibilities of how life began. This leaves us with only one option – something existed to give life to this universe, and any other universe.

There is a single point of origin for all life, for this world or any other world we have yet to discover, which is one infinite entity that contains everything necessary for creating life and sustaining it. This entity would not only be infinite in space and time, but also in matter and concepts. Life is not just light and particles; it is also algorithms, concepts, philosophies, emotions, color, voids… (If you can think it, it’s in there!) All these things, everything, already existed in some form within the infinite… including Physics!

Newton’s Laws of Physics is actually plagiarism. A more accurate title is, God’s Laws of Physics Revealed to Sir Isaac Newton through God’s Divine Providence. I am not trying to take away any of the work Newton did – if Newton did not seek the understanding of gravity you probably wouldn’t be reading this post right now. What I am saying is, Newton discover what already existed, and ultimately it was through God’s divine providence that Newton could achieved what he did.

No one can receive anything unless God gives it from heaven.
— John 3:27

Additionally, if evolution exists then God created it. Why evolution was ever an argument that cancels out God is a wonder to me. However God decided to create us, He did. Just because it is not mentioned in the Bible doesn’t mean it did or didn’t exist. I personally do not believe that evolution is how man came into existence, but I do not doubt that God created a system for living beings to adapt to environments. Regardless of anyone’s belief in evolution, it in no way shape or form is evidence that God does not exist.

If there is one thing that does not exist within the infinite, then the source of life wouldn’t be infinite. There would be two or more sources of life, one with everything but that one missing element, and the other source with the one element. If there are two sources, then what entity made the decision of which life source contains which elements? This leads us back to the simple logic that there can only be one source of life from which all things are derived.

The single origin of life is self-sufficient, requiring nothing to exist. Just as there is no starting point to time, there is no starting point for the single source of life. It merely exists, and always has. As well, it will never end. It just is.

God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM”; and He said, “Thus you should say to the sons of Israel, ‘I AM has sent me to you.’”
— Exodus 3:14

There are many translations of the original Hebrew verse, but the essential meaning succinctly conveys the same message, “I exist because I do.”

What I find amazing, is that in a time when Pharaohs were gods, and the Canaanites worshiped Baal, the Jews had an invisible God… that was infinite. Why did the Jews settle to proclaim and lay faith on an invisible and infinite God, when everyone else had something to show for it? Why didn’t they grab a piece of wood and carve out some idol? That is what everyone else did! What set them apart in their understanding of God? Where did the Jews come up with such an abstract concept, which even today people have a hard time grasping?

The answer is, while most people relied on themselves to create a god or gods and formulate their powers and purposes, the Jews had a God that revealed Himself to them.

Make no mistake, “God” is not some universal name that can be applied to any theology. “God” explicitly refers to “the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob” who is the God of Israel. There are many theologies that claim to have an understanding of God and with very convincing evidence. However, unless these theologies reveal their god to be the God of Israel, then their doctrine is incomplete.

Only God exists! As the single origin of life, God contains all things necessary for life. Whatever we have is given to us by God. Our hair, our eyes, our thoughts and character have always existed, and were given to us by Him. He is infinite in resources, and all things, including life as we know it, exist within Him, not outside of Him. Nothing exists outside of God because He is all that exists, and therefore, He encompasses all things. Everything that exists came from God. Plain and simple!

God created everything through him [Jesus], and nothing was created except through him [Jesus].
— John 1:3


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