Healing for Luise’s Shoulder

In the post Approaching God in Prayer I described how I prayed for my wife when she woke up in sever pain, and how the pain subsided and she was able to go back to sleep. A few weeks ago I prayed along the same lines and saw healing for a woman at Church named Luise.

When Luise and her husband, Joe, came to Church he told me that his back was hurting him, and Luise said had severe pain in her shoulder. After service I went over to Joe and prayed for him using the same principles I used with my wife, but he received no healing. I prayed for a few minutes, but Joe explained to me that he had a pinched nerve and he thought we were wasting our time. I figured with his doubtfulness we would get no where, so I conceded and stopped.

However, Luise wanted prayer. We prayed, and I again used the same principles and we saw Jesus heal her. At first she could not raise her hand more than a few inches from her body. After a few minutes of prayer she could raise her arm straight out from her body. Finally, after several more minutes of prayer, she could raise her arm above her head. She was so joyful and excited. She kept saying, “I can get my plates down from the cabinet!” We prayed and thank the Lord for the healing.


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