Healing for Brenda, March 23, 2013

Today my wife was helping set up coffee and snacks at our church for a seminar I was attending. While she was pouring scalding hot water into one of the coffee thermoses she spilled the a lot of water on her hand and arm. I was in the seminar so I did not know about it. Brenda put her arm in an ice bucket on and off for about 20 minutes.

At a break, I saw my son running with his coat and Brenda’s purse, so I asked him where she was. She said she just burned herself. He took me to a room where she was with a few other parishioners. She was crying and wincing from the pain. My heart sunk, and my panic mode started to kick in.

Rich, Ina, Joe and Alicia, who run a healing center at church, which is healing through prayer, were praying over her arm. I saw Brenda’s arm and it was red and swollen. I could see why she was crying. I almost started crying. The swelling was from her knuckles to almost her elbow, and was like a bright red sleeve wrapped around her arm. The swelling was so bad I knew I had to get her to the hospital.

However, Rich, Ina and Alicia  were huddled around Brenda praying over her hand. I though, “Really! This is ridiculous.” For a few seconds I was perplexed because my wife needed to go to the hospital 20 minutes ago, and here everyone was playing good little Christian. I was pretty annoyed, but how would it look if I just burst in, grabbed my wife and left?

I figured I would give them a minute or two and then bust in, grab my wife and run her to the emergency room. Walking a few feet away to wait it occurred to me, “I am her husband. I am at a men’s seminar. What kind of man would I be if I just stood by while others prayed over my wife. I am being a jerk.” So I put my hand on her back shoulder and prayed… like a good little Christian. I prayed quietly to myself while Rich, Ina and Alicia, who are trained, to do the serious praying.

Within a minute or two, I peeked over Brenda’s shoulder and was amazed. The swelling and redness were completely gone. Her arm, less the exact spot where the boiling water first hit her skin, was completely healed. She was no longer in any pain. Now she was crying out of Joy that only God’s Love can provide.

I was in shock, and I was excited, and I probably cried too. Nobody likes having their loved one’s go through any pain, so I was very thankful to those “good little Christians” who had enough Faith to heal my wife. Well, my wife had to have Faith too.

I do believe the healing power of Jesus, and have prayed over simple things with successful results. For instance, when my knee goes out on me while I am walking, I just put my hand on it and pray, and then I have no more issue. But today my Faith was brought to a new level.

We did run up to Wal-Mart to get some aloe and Tylenol, but there has been no issue since the healing. Just the one spot where the water made initial contact caused her some discomfort, but not enough to bother her. With aloe and Tylenol, that discomfort was eliminated as well. It really was miraculous, and I thank God for the healing, and that my son was there to witness it.

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