Testimony, Healing of Hannah

Last night my wife and our friends, we will call them Ricky and Hannah, went to dinner. It was a bit of a drive and what we didn’t know is that Hannah gets car sick, and she hadn’t eaten much that day. By the time we arrived she was sick and needed to sleep. We offered to take her home, but she said she would be OK, but just had to take a nap. So Brenda and I went into the restaurant and got a table.

Hannah let us know that she does have a condition, but didn’t say what it was, and we didn’t pry. But it seemed her sugar levels dropped, and on top of that had motion sickness.

Brenda and I sat down and ordered appetizers so that when Hannah and Ricky came in there would be warm food waiting for her. Hannah loves fries so we ordered some delicious fresh cut fries covered with cheese. I sent a few text messages to Ricky to see how Hannah was doing, and to see if we should run some food out, but he said it would be OK.

The appetizers arrived and still know Ricky and Hannah. Now we had these delicious fries and all they were going to do now is get cold. No matter how good and fresh the fries are, if they get cold there is no bringing them back. That is one of the few foods that cannot be reheated. I am sure a chef would think no food can be reheated, but I love left overs! Just not fries.

Then it dawned on us, “We are Christians and Christians pray. So, why aren’t we praying to heal Hannah from whatever is making her sick?” My wife and I held hands and we prayed. We thanked Him for this night, this celebration with His children, and asked that He heal Hannah immediately, especially before the fries get cold! We really did. I have no problem asking God to save a plate of fries. God provides, and I respect all that He provides, including warm fries that we know Hannah will love to have once she comes around.

Within a minute, and I am not estimating, I got a text message from Ricky that they were ready to come in. When we were all together Hannah nibbled on a few fries. She wasn’t 100% but she felt better. We told her that we prayed and that immediately I received Ricky’s text message. Hannah thanked us for praying and Ricky said that when this happens usually Hannah is done for the night. She usually goes to bed because she does not recover.

Not more than fifteen minutes after we arrived, and within a minute of praying, Hannah is sitting at the table. She was still feeling a bit uneasy, but by the end of the night she was enjoying desert.

We were all thankful for the obvious miracle that God provided to us all. It is just another great testament to the healing power of the Holy Spirit and the love that the Father has for His children.

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